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Authors are invited to send completed registration form(s) and abstracts of up to one page to e-mail address: till 15.10.2017. The abstract must contain a title, author(s) names, preferred conference topic and an e-mail for contact.

The abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee and authors will be informed about its decision till 20.10.2017.

The full text of the papers should be prepared in MSWord and must not exceed 8 (eight) pages including formulae, figures, tables and photos. Please write down your papers inside a copy of the template FILE which will be sent to you upon acceptance of the abstracts. When using color, please bear in mind that the Conference Proceedings will be printed in black and white.

The full papers should be sent to till 25 October 2017. Contributions received after this date will be published on CD only.

Presentation time will be 15 minutes, including discussion. We will provide presentation equipment; you should only bring a file with your presentation (PowerPoint;for other formats please let us know in advance).

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